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Savor Collection - May Anthony

Savor Collection

The Savor Collection, a fusion of timeless elegance and opulent luxury tailored for aficionados of cigars, whiskey, champagne and the finer things in life.

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Savor - May AnthonySavor - May Anthony
Savor Sale price$185.00
Habano - May AnthonyHabano - May Anthony
Habano Sale price$185.00
Celebration - May AnthonyCelebration - May Anthony
Celebration Sale price$185.00
Opulence - May AnthonyOpulence - May Anthony
Opulence Sale price$185.00
Cigar x Aces - May AnthonyCigar x Aces - May Anthony
Cigar x Aces Sale price$185.00
Havana Vino - May AnthonyHavana Vino - May Anthony
Havana Vino Sale price$185.00
Flute Champers - May AnthonyFlute Champers - May Anthony
Flute Champers Sale price$185.00
Martini CigarMartini Cigar
Martini Cigar Sale price$185.00