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Bestseller Shoes - May Anthony

Bestseller Shoes

Our top ten best-selling handmade velvet loafers for men and women -  meticulously crafted pairs that blend comfort and timeless design, showcasing the perfect fusion of elegance and artistry.

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Locked & Loaded - May AnthonyLocked & Loaded - May Anthony
Locked & Loaded Sale price$187.00
Savor - May AnthonySavor - May Anthony
Savor Sale price$187.00
Quail Hunt - May AnthonyQuail Hunt - May Anthony
Quail Hunt Sale price$187.00
Jolly Roger - May AnthonyJolly Roger - May Anthony
Jolly Roger Sale price$187.00
Green x Blue Bears - May AnthonyGreen x Blue Bears - May Anthony
Green x Blue Bears Sale price$187.00
Louie Monogram - May AnthonyLouie Monogram - May Anthony
Louie Monogram Sale price$187.00
Cross Walk - May AnthonyCross Walk - May Anthony
Cross Walk Sale price$187.00
Rifle Defender - May AnthonyRifle Defender - May Anthony
Rifle Defender Sale price$187.00
Plain Jane - May AnthonyPlain Jane - May Anthony
Plain Jane Sale price$176.00
Martini Shaker - May AnthonyMartini Shaker - May Anthony
Martini Shaker Sale price$187.00
Green x Purple Bears - May AnthonyGreen x Purple Bears - May Anthony
Green x Purple Bears Sale price$187.00
Scarlet - May AnthonyScarlet - May Anthony
Scarlet Sale price$187.00